the curtain theatre

Curtain Theatre Wikipedia

The Curtain was built some 200 yards (180 m) south of London’s first playhouse, The Theatre, which had opened a year before, in 1576. It was called the “Curtain” because it was located near a plot of land called Curtain Close, not because of the sort of front curtain associated with modern theatres, but of its proximity of the City walls, curtain or curtain wall referring to the part of city walls between two bastions. Its remains were rediscovered in archaeological excavation in 2012. The most significant find was that the Curtain was rectangular not round. They found a 14-metre (46 ft) stage, and evidence of a tunnel under the stage and galleries at the first floor level. Finds included a ceramic bird whistle; ceramic money boxes for collecting entry fees; beads likely for decorating stage costumes and a small statue of Bacchus.

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